Bomb Threats in Downtown Port Angeles

Fri, 04/04/2014 - 01:37

Some interesting facts have surfaced in the downtown Port Angeles bomb threat story from last week. Two men have been taken into custody for the bomb threat last Friday afternoon. Apparently Deason wanted out of court and had his buddy Fortman buy a phone from Wal-Mart to call in a bomb threat. Additionally drugs and money were part of that deal. Fortman was charged with possession of meth and bomb threats.

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-- Peninsula Daily News

Nexus 7 Misbehaves When Set On Top of MacBook Pro

A somewhat odd discovery was observed when putting a Nexus 7 (2nd Gen 2013) Android tablet on top of a closed MacBook Pro 13; it shuts off. The Nexus 7 goes into sleep mode the minute I set it on top of the MacBook Pro.

One can imagine that the low voltage sleep/power button on the Nexus 7 must have a long enough lead to gather a voltage spike when moved to and from a magnetic field.

Is the Nexus 7 tablet design to be turned off by low voltage EMF or EMPs? 

Tablets are handy little devices, especially when you've began to run your OwnCloud *. However, if electronic devices become easily remote controllable,  we just may start needing to backup our data to paper again!!

Uploading with Kubuntu WiFi crashes AT&T iPhone 4 iOS7 Personal Hotspot

Uploading with Kubuntu 13.10 WiFi on a Dell Inspiron 1525 crashes AT&T iPhone 4 iOS7 Personal Hotspot.

When connecting through your AT&T iPhone 4 running iOS7 as a Personal WiFi hotspot using Kubuntu 13.10, it works flawlessly for surfing the Internet. However, things change when uploading 13 or so megabytes of data to a website. The WiFi on the iPhone 4 running iOS7 drops the ball until a reboot of the iPhone is done and the process started over. Until then, Kubuntu 13.10 won't see a wireless access point.

To prove it is Kubuntu 13.10, I repeated the steps with a MacBook Pro 13 machine and the personal hotspot indured for the same upload.

Is there a computer that doesn't need updating?

Is there a computer that doesn't need updating?

A frying pan doesn't need updating. A notepad and pencil don't need updating. A photo album stuffed away on a book shelf doesn't need updating. My shoes need replacing after a few years, but there is no update for them.

Who can update the sun; make it hotter, colder, farther, or closer?
Who can update the winds or the waves, or the boundary of land and water?
Who gives life and can take it away?

The truth needs no update!!


Electrical Devices That Consume Power When Off/Standby

The below table shows electrical Devices and power consumption data. Most importantly, is the amount of power (watts) consumed when you believe your device is off. For off gridders who use alternative energy, these devices will slowly suck your batteries dry unnoticed; the following is your "stay away from", or your, "unplug after every use" list. This is not an attack on any said manufacturer; just pointing out which devices consume power when they are supposedly off:


"Email The Web", a Firefox Add-on, requires third party services

I downloaded "Email The Web", a Firefox Add-on, hoping to share web pages exactly how I see them within an email to a friend, or to myself, but it doesn't work by itself. Rather it requires a third party sevice over the net to work. This doesn't work for me. I need a local plugin that works by itself without tracking me.

Both my MacBook Pro and iPhone 4, with every update, are becoming more or less, idiot boxes . I'm getting ready to go back to Linux.

The below photo shows a dialog after clicking the "Email The Web" button..


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