2003 Ford Ranger: Driver's Side Window Motor Replacement

UPDATE: In my opinion, the driver's side window motor is more likely to burn up than the passenger side because when you just want to move the window down a few inches, it thinks you want to roll it all the way down. Typically, pushing the button for rolling back up will stop it from continueing down, but will cause extra brush arking in the motor which isn't good. I've never needed the window to roll all the way down on it's own, and I don't know why Ford put this feathre in there. When I find a way to disable this "disfunctional" logic, I'll post it here.

On my 2003 Ford Ranger 4x4, the window motor had a long death. Sometimes the window would roll.. and sometimes it would get stuck, especially if it was starting to rain. After a bit of tongue biting and putting the expense off for another day, I finally visited the Ford dealer for the motor.. Yeah.. that was the day the window couldn't be fudged up or down to get the motor to spin. The price wasn't too bad. With core, somewhere around $86. 

3 screws and the inside panel was pulled upward and out. The control panel in the door panel can turn sideways and slip through the main panel to keep yourself from trying to unplug all those fancy high tech harnesses..

2 bolt holes were available to slip a socket driver in, but the third screw had no hole. Rather than spend an hour finding a tool to modify for such the task, I drilled a hole, rounded the edge, and painted for rust prevention. The wrench fit right in, pulled the last screw out and off I was putting the new one in. 

Putting the panel back on is a breeze. Just use some contact cement in a spray can or similar, wipe/spray on the plastic and the door, and affix the weather/sound plastic back in place. 

Slide the control panel back through the main door panel and reverse the removal tricks above till you're all back together.

Changing out this window motor on a newer Ford Ranger was my first experience. With one hole drilled, the window worked again; easy pie replacement.