Panasonic DMP-BD601 Blu-Ray Player

The Panasonic DMP-BD601 Blu-Ray Player didn't work smoothly for me. The DMP-601's user interface was clunky, slow, jittered in the menus, and stalled out during playback of Amazon's Video On Demand.

The YouTube and Blu-Ray/DVD applications were about the only stable players that seemed to function correctly, while I gave the Amazon Video On Demand rental a whirl at $5 plus some change, but the video ran out of buffer and would stall the movie until enough buffer was in again to play. In my opinion, more buffer should download prior to playing the movie. If the movie stalls out, a bigger buffer should be set automatically. My internet connection was fine as Hulu played back video better than Amazon. Though Hulu has lower resolution, therefore taking less bandwidth, they shouldn't be compared. I will say, that the Panasonic DMP-BD601 Blu-Ray player, needed better buffer management.

My date and I decided to nuke some Orville Redenbacher's Kettle Korn popcorn and talk about other things while we waited for the player to reboot itself and then track where we left off in the flick.

The DVD player works fine, although the upscaling quality to 1080p is a bit noticeable.

The remote controller had buttons that do different things depending on where you were at within the player applications. For instance, pressing the blue STOP, PLAY, or PAUSE buttons while watching a YouTube flick didn't stop, play, or pause. Also, you were just suppose to know how to arrow over from the list, select the video box, and hit OK in order to make the video expand to full screen.

When I plugged in a usb drive with a DivX movie on it, not only did the player not play it, but it couldn't find it.

When inserting a CD-R with an AVI DivX file in the root, the player complained that the disc was unsupported.

I had yet to try the SD Card slot with similar movie formats, but my guess so far is that this piece of equipment would not play movies I already had in file format.

Ok.. So I tried the SD card.. Same as the USB drive results above. No go.

The player didn't really do all that much for $158. The Panasonic DMP-BD601 was a great YouTube and local disc player, but nothing more. The computing abilities and freedom to stream free video feeds is still a lost concept.

Check out my Philips 42" Full 1080p LCD review before you go; the TV I bought with this player, which also had issues.

If you've had a chance to play with the Panasonic DMP-BD601 Blu-Ray player, we'd like to see your comments!