Forum: Acer Timeline Aspire 5810TZ-4657 BIOS UPDATE 2.31 Doesn't Eject CD Drawer

DSCN0926.JPGAcer Timeline Aspire 5810TZ-4657

Based on the google search results of this machine, people all over the world seem to be having countless problems with this piece of equipment. In my opinion, stay away from this purchase, if you haven't already purchased. Now, if you have purchased, and you're in your alotted take back period, take it back. There seems to be no winning with the complex issues this machine presents, no matter if it's Vista, Windows 7, or running Ubuntu.

READ BEFORE YOU UPDATE TO BIOS 2.31: I've been seeing a load of google searches getting to my page regarding the EJECT button not functioning. If you're at BIOS 2.xx, you may want to consider leaving the BIOS alone until 2.32 comes out. I know you're anxious to get things working, but is it worth the risk to find that your CD drive becomes useless because you can't eject?

If you've already updated to BIOS 2.31, you may want to downgrade, if that is possible, until the BIOS firmwares are bug free.

The following is old business but the Drivers & BIOS upgrades link is below:

Some reviews are saying this laptop has dual cores, but I can assure you that even Intel, the manufacturer of the chip, says the SU2700 is a single core CPU. The reason for the single core is less heat, longer battery life, and overall better mobility.

Please register and post to this forum that you have one of these notebooks. I would like to hear your personal pros & cons regarding this unit. I bought this notebook from Walmart and was beginning to think I was the only person with one of these new and unsupported Acer products. It would have been helpful to hear other people's opinion and findings. It is, however, possible that I prematurely received the 5810TZ before release date, as a month and a half later, the Query referrals regarding Acer Aspire 5810TZ grew in numbers.

Manufacturer's Product Page

Downloads & Drivers for Acer 5810TZ

Major Pros:

  • Small, Light, Stylish, DurableIMG_4254.JPG
  • 3GB Memory
  • 320GB SATA Hard Drive
  • Big 15.6" TFT Display
  • Keyboard design is unique, with the extended 10 keypad area
  • 3D Video Acceleration installation wasn't difficult to setup
  • HDMI Out, VGA Out
  • 4 USB 2.0 ports

Major Cons:


  • Out of the box, the cdrom didn't work without changing a bios setting from SATA=AHCI to SATA=IDE. Yes, even with the stock Vista Windows Operating system, the cdrom didn't work.
  • Pushing Eject button for cdrom during the Ubuntu boot will lock the system.. Pushing the EJECT button for the cdrom after boot will lock the system.
  • Pushing the touchpad disable/enable toggle button removes trackpad input until a reboot
  • The Ahteros Wireless radio card has low signal gain. Windows Vista or Ubuntu, I had to sit within 5 feet of a wireless access point to get a connection.
  • Keyboard came warped over the CPU area from poor assembly.
  • Ubuntu is unable to control ACPI display brightness.
  • Wired 1000/100/10 Ethernet Port wouldn't work under Ubuntu out of the box. A special module had to be built and installed into the kernel.
  • Mini PCI Express slot is not accessable from within the hard drive and memory cover
  • No Firewire support
  • No PC Express, or PC Card Bus slots

IMG_4256.JPGMinor Cons:

  • Battery slideout mechanism has negative width tolerance and is difficult to slide in and out.
  • Mouse trackpad buttons feel cheap, giving a travel distance of about a 64th
  • SD Card Reader slot is difficult to operate. Lifting the laptop up to get the card in and or out is necessary because of the tapered front edge.

Google Searches: Acer Aspire 5810TZ Memory Replacement (ooooh man! ouch!)

Would I buy this again or recommend this product to another? So far, no..

Would I sell this to another? Maybe if firmware updates fix issues.

Found this link to be useful on the subject of IDE vs AHCI:

Yes, I just did a Suspend to RAM. Hibernate works fine also. I don't have any special packages on my Ubuntu Jaunty but I do have my BIOS HDD setting of IDE instead of AHCI. Updating to PPA kernel solves the AHCI problem and I can boot to ubuntu with AHCI on but my Windows 7 RC won't and it gives me a blue screen (probably because I installed Win7 when it was set to IDE mode).

Another link regarding BIOS updating and its results:


Hello Cyberfish, I received your Personal Message. My post in #86 solves most of the problem and I have been using ubuntu ever since I got it. Here's the complete specs of my Timeline:

Model: Acer TImeline 4810T-352G25Mn
CPU: 1.4Ghz Intel Core 2 Solo SU3500
Memory: 2GB DDR3 RAM
Video: Intel GMA 4500MHD
Sound: Intel HDA ALC269
WLAN: Intel Wifi Link 5100 AGN
LAN: Atheros AR8131 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet

Mine came with BIOS 1.10 and I experienced the 100% CPU problem even in linux. Flashing it to 1.20 fixed the problem. I bought this one in Philippines so I think it is similar to the ones available in Singapore. I believe Acer have been releasing Acer Timelines with different parts manufacturers.

My Kernel:

Linux timeline 2.6.30-020630-generic #020630 SMP Wed Jun 10 09:45:40 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux


Hi there
I read some other comments regarding this problem and encountered the same with the W7 upgrade. I noticed that the driver had changed from 6.0.6001.18000 21/06/2006 under Vista to 6.1.7600.16385 21/06/2006 under windows 7. Would a rollback to the vista driver solve the problem? Is a BIOS update recommended if this driver change doesn't work?


Hey there,

In your BIOS, is there a drive mode setting with options like: AHCI or IDE
What is it set to? Try changing it and see if the driver responds any different.




The BIOS update has got the CD/DVD working again however the

eject button has now stopped working. Can still open via the software

eject option but not the physical press eject button route. Any suggestions

to resolve this?


I also have this acer, I was told when I bought it, that the windows seven update was free, but I have not seen it, should I still keep looking? Sounds like the vista that is on it, works better.

Have you botten the machine? I'm not sure what you're asking. I haven't played with Windows 7 yet, but I hear many are switching over and like it. I don't know what to think of it .. yet..


I have recently purchased this unit and upgraded from Vista to Win 7 only to find that the DVD/CD ROM Drive is no longer recognized in Start - Computer on the drive's list, not to mention that the CD drive door doesn't open readily! I have owned ever computer from Mac's to PC's and this is a first for me. I was considering restoring the OS back to Vista but after reading these posts, I believe that the problem isn't OS related but probably a bug in the BIOS/Drivers, etc.
Also, the internal mic no longer works either, the best solution that Tech Support had was that I should buy an external mic until the drivers are made available for this unit which defeats the whole purpose in me buying it in the first place so... IT'S GOING BACK!!!

Right on.. Good choice. I didn't take mine back in time. However, I left the bios at version 1.10, restored back to Vista, and sold it. I've asked how it's been working, and it's apparently fine. If I had kept it, I'd have to tell a slightly different story.